How do I know my ORGANACURE product is authentic?

As our brand grows, we continue to experience malicious resellers offering counterfeit ORGANACURE products. To ensure your order is filled with authentic product, only order from "ORGANACURE" via directly.

Why purchase on our site and not or Ebay?

While some of our products may be offered elsewhere, we recommend purchasing directly from us because it ensures you are getting authentic product and eliminates the chance of receiving a counterfeit product from an unauthorized reseller. At, we also offer more competitive pricing than anywhere else (excluding certain promotions) and free shipping on qualified orders. We also really appreciate it, because it directly supports our small business instead of going through a third-party!

How long does my product take to ship? How can I track the package?

For our base shipping, please allow 1-2 days to process the order, then 3-5 days for the product to arrive (total time approximately 1 week). You may track your shipment through the shipping confirmation email received after your purchase; simply click the link with the tracking info provided. Shipping speeds will vary for international orders.

How do I get a refund or replacement?

To utilize our 30-day satisfaction guarantee on our products, please read our return policy.

I'm interested in retailing ORGANACURE products, how do I get started with wholesale purchasing?

Please fill out our contact form at Please note, we never authorize any resale anywhere without an NDA, and only allow resale on other e-commerce sites on a case by case basis.