What makes you different?

Simply put, it's all about our quality, responsible pricing, and customer service. We choose and commit to work only with the highest quality hemp growers and partners to create the most pure, high-caliber hemp products at reasonable prices. We stand behind this, and will put our products up against anyone else's, anytime. We proudly stand behind our industry unique, 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so that anyone may put our products to the test, risk free.

Beyond this, we're proudly veteran and minority owned, and remain a private, family owned, small business that has our customers' best interests at heart. We serve our customers, not a group of shareholders. This is why you'll find that our pricing is often less than others. We don't believe there's any reason to gouge customers with ridiculously high pricing that you may have seen with larger brands.

Our commitment and mantra is to treat our customers like family. If you ever have questions or concerns about our products, please reach out to us directly at sales@organacure.com and we'll take care of you!

Where can I find your lab results?

We third-party lab test every batch of each product we make. We conduct testing beyond industry standards, as we show results for potency, pesticide presence, heavy metal presence, solvent presence, and microbial analysis.

Where do you source your hemp?

We only source greenhouse, organically grown hemp right here in the USA! Take comfort in knowing that we carefully source our hemp from our own organic farmers greenhouse.

How is your hemp processed?

We only use our very own proprietary extraction to process our hemp.

Our proprietary extraction retains the vast number of phytocannabinoids, terpenes, antioxidants, and flavonoids in the plant that are otherwise lost in other, more harsh extraction methods. This allows us to maintain the maximum amount of phytocannabinoids for maximum benefit and the "entourage effect" of the compounds working together. Our multi-step filtration process is finished with a 1-micron filtration system, which ensures that any plant particulate is removed from the oil, resulting in a clean and pure product. Beyond this, we utilize a gravity based process and vacuum system to produce our oil, an industry leading practice that is uniquely gentle on the hemp material. This contributes to the high bio availability that is retained during our proprietary extraction process.