ORGANACURE® New Strain Specific ORGANACURE® Hemp Extract™ - The Original Zero THC Natural Flavor (100% Organic Coconut MCT Oil) 1 FL OZ (30 ML). (NOTE: New updated product name and labels but same great clean taste with higher potency level options).

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ORGANACURE® New Strain Specific ORGANACURE® Hemp Extract™ - The Original Zero THC Natural Flavor in (100% Organic Coconut MCT Oil) 1 FL OZ (30 ML). (NOTE: New updated product name and labels but same great clean tasting product but even more effective enhanced product potency levels available now in 2020!) You can only find our new advanced whole spectrum CBD products or custom hemp or cannabinoid products and genetics here at 

This product comes in a variety of potency levels starting at 500mg+ beginner, 1000mg+ intermediate & 3000mg+ advanced. We are the first company to customize products for those customers looking for personal potency level or flavor to match their very own individual needs. When you want to experience all the benefits of one of our amazing flagship exclusive boutique hemp plants benefits minus the psychoactive cannabinoid THC often found in large or small amounts in other plants. 

Our strain specific products are 100% Pure Solvent-less Organic Hemp Extract Oil Tinctures. We create exclusive whole plant hemp genetics without the psychoactive elements. However we offer other strain specific products that still contain .3% THC or less if you would like to try those as well. This product is extra special and is a full strength exclusive hemp genetic extract product that differs in potency levels because everyone is different. Our zero thc original natural flavor has no extra fillers or unhealthy ingredients. Our strain specific ORGANACURE® hemp extract™ hemp extract oil is a great way to start out your day without having to worry about failing a drug test. These products have all the benefits of our entire flagship ORGANACURE hemp strain minus the THC. 

EDUCATION NOTE: There is a lot of misinformation going around these days so lets take a second to clarify something important here. There are products that claim full, whole and broad spectrum but are misleading people. The truth is not all strains of hemp carry every possible 113+ identifiable cannabinoids in each plant that exists so that means that to say something is just full or whole or broad based on only having say 12 or less cannabinoids is to us extremely misleading terms. A hemp plant that does not naturally include THC at all is rare and took us years to create a plant that has less than .3% THC let alone a variety that include less than that. Then we went a step further and created products with zero THC so that the working class people could have a trusted product to rely on and take and still perform at work. This was a game changer for us in the industry as far back as 2010. So Just because this particular strain specific product does not contain THC that does not mean it is not as clinically effective as one that does for many different things. Not saying some conditions would not benefit from THC here but after years of study we have found other cannabinoids that can actually replace it to create even more beneficial products for many. In fact this particular product was birthed out of our cancer research and has such a unique strain profile that it actually is claimed to be more effective than other so called full spectrum or broad spectrum products because it is still a whole plant hemp extract. So long as a plant is not stripped of all its other important main natural components you will still receive a synergistic entourage effect. For more precise information contact our consulting department for more scientific facts based on our own studies we have been doing for over a decade. Now back to product description.

For example one serving (1mL or approximately 65 drops) of the ORGANACURE® 500mg+ beginner dropper delivers approximately a minimum of 16.66mg+ serving of our very own strain specific zero thc hemp extract oil. Whereas our 1000mg+ intermediate dropper delivers approximately a minimum of 33.33mg+ per serving and our 3000mg advanced delivers approximately a minimum of 100mg of our very own proprietary hemp extract formula per serving.

Our strain specific hemp extract oil is 100% plant based and created by the original California company ORGANACURE®. Our products are very popular in doctors offices and by independent retailers throughout the USA and we guarantee you will absolutely not fail a drug test using them because these particular products test at no detectable THC. This is why we are the #1 doctor recommended strain specific hemp company in the USA.

Our plant genetics are grown all naturally in the USA. Our proprietary hemp genetics offer unique patented plant element profiles so that makes our plant extracts very unique. Our proprietary hemp genetics and extraction techniques among other important variables including organic gardening techniques used and no chemical spray or chemical fertilizers used in the production of our products is our top priority since we started out as a medical cannabis company originally and specialized working with doctors and oncologists and laboratories to create unique new safe products for cancer patients in 2010. Not all plants grown or other brand products provide an equal over all effect when processed or consumed and if you have tried many other brand products you will see that for yourself clearly. That is why we continue to be the hemp genetic pioneers here in California.

Our products are safe and clinically effective. We are a small grass roots college educated artisan organic hemp farm lab so we pay very close attention to the whole process when it comes to creating unique new strains of plant genetics and processing our material into our very own multiple doctor and herbal scientist recommended award winning extracts and infused products. Our products are extremely high quality and are considered the absolute best by shop owners and distributors of our products including our customers and previous patients.

We have been known to spend numerous hours helping teach others the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle through our online university program and since we put so much time into the whole process of creating our products we are trusted by many families for many years. You can literally ask doctors who have sold our products to their patients how clean and refreshing our products taste and how great they work in comparison to any other company products. These tincture products are favored by many customers who have tried our products and many other products on the market today before trying ours.

If you found our brand products here on this website and are reading all of this it is because your interested in finding a unique organic natural product that works. We believe our products have the ability to transform your life. We focus on the best over all plant genetics and ingredients from seed to shelf. We also offer the best over all product for the price because we care about what goes into our body and yours and we do not believe in gouging the customers who buy our products. This is why we soon will no longer allow other so called retailers to sell our products. Why buy from others now that you can buy straight from the source here with no middle man pricing or inexperienced view points about our products.

Experience the ORGANACURE® difference today and tell a friend what you think about our products or send us an email testimony on your next order for reviewing our products so we can add it to the thousands of other positive emails we have received over the past decade. It is no secret that our plant genetics and products have come a long way from our very own 1970's organic family farms and we have inspired many other breeders, farmers, dispensaries, delivery services, doctors, oncologists, labs and other companies to try and create their own product line also but fail to mention we are the original company that put in the work helping others so long ago and creating new genetics by crossing only the best genetics from all over. So where others lack years of experience and love for the earth and each other we continue to evolve and do our best to fill in the gap for the highest quality exclusive hemp genetic products on the market today.

We have been making a world of difference in the lives of many without gaining huge recognition because we do not pay for advertising like others do and we are a word of mouth company while others try to claim what we have been sharing for years. If you would like to invest in our vision and see our brand reach out further and further so you can be a part of what we are doing continue to buy products or contact us for investment opportunities. Fortunately helping others is what truly matters most to us and we helped the industry become what it is today by filling in the gap when few other herbal hemp extract companies wanted to create unique new strains or grow  organically. We are the original organic herbal hemp extract pioneers here in California and when you have a passion for helping others like we do the rewards are actually priceless. Especially when your family has been doing things longer than 99% of other new start up companies involved with plants who are just in it for the money.

Look toward our family experience, secret garden genetics, hard work, compassion, dedication, proprietary extraction techniques and love for others and the earth really set our company and the end products apart from all others! So come experience ORGANACURE® 's synergistic entourage effects from our proprietary hemp plant genetics that includes a rare variety of all natural plant based terpenes, flavonoids, antioxidants, and phytonutrients just minus the THC so you can find relief without failing a drug test. We are the original company providing real results and real products that no one else can copycat even though others are trying daily. We are happy that there are some descent products out there but yet to see anyone that has the peoples well being in mind as much as we do. 

ORGANACURE® Strain Specific ORGANACURE Hemp Extract™ - The Original Zero THC Original Natural Flavor (100% Organic Coconut MCT Oil) 1 FL OZ (30 ML).

ORGANACURE® Products are more than just CBD! They are real, pure, whole, full and broad spectrum, zero THC or with .3% THC, clean green, 100% organic, vegan, kosher, non GMO, multi lab tested hemp products for "A Higher Quality Of Life!" - Since 2010

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